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    PAVE Chocolate Box



    Enjoy the full collection of ganache chocolates.


    You can send us an email once your order is received to suggest flavors you prefer. Flavors include:  

    Dark Chocolate/Candied Cocoa Nib/Mexican Vanilla

    Dark Chocolate/Secret Spices

    Dark Chocolate/Ginger/Keffir Lime Leaf/Matcha

    Dark Chocolate/Peanut Butter/Marshmallow/Pink Himalayan Salt

    Dark Chocolate/Whisky Caramel/Bacon/Applewood Smoked Salt

    White Chocolate/Matcha

    Dark Chocolate/Royal Icing/Sprinkles

    Dark Chocolate/Raspberry/Goat Cheese/Aged Balsamic/Black Pepper

    Dark Chocolate/Orange/Fennel/Tang

    White Chocolate/Krispy Kreme Doughnut/Strawberry/Jimmies

    Dark Chocolate/Almond Butter

    Please note that shelf life is 2 weeks.