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CACAO's large chocolate box served as a canvas for artist Mr. Wattson to create three dimensional living pieces of art inspired by chocolate.  Each unique design has different elements- both intricate and profound. This piece is a true one of a kind to enhance anyone's art collection. 

Each box is filled with one Salame di Cioccolato and a nine piece Pave Chocolate Box.


About the artist:

Mr. Wattson is an internationally recognized photographer and artist based between Atlanta Georgia and Milan Italy. His work is included in multiple private collections including the likes of Sir Elton John and Travis Kalanick. During the duration of his young career of just 5 years MR. Wattson has been commissioned and worked with many celebrities and high end clientele. including Shaquille Oneil, Lenny Kravitz, DMX, Pharell Williams, Usher, Travis Kalanick, Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti and Sadhguru to name a few.  At the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic MR. Wattson decided to respectfully distance himself from photography and start to study different mediums in his Artistry. Inspired by many of the Abstract Expressionist and neo expressionist, such as robert Rauschenberg, jasper johns, Cy twombly, Jean-Michel Basquiat louise nevelson, Warhol and Keith Harring. Wattson has turned to canvas and any  other tangible items that can be used as a gate way to outermost express his internal dialogue. 

Wattson likes to think of his work as an assemblage much like the works of the late Rauschenberg. He sees art starting where creativity begins and pulls from everyday objects from a staple gun to a collage made of life magazines from the 60s, to a pill container or even a pair of shoe strings to him nothing is against the rules and art was established for boundaries to be pushed.