DAILY DOSE™ Dark Chocolate (First week free)*


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To celebrate Oprah's endorsement of our Daily Dose Dark Chocolate, we are offering one free week to our current Cacao customers.

Just click "Subscribe & Save" button below, and check out as normal. You will receive your week of Daily Dose completely free, followed by weekly shipments for $15 after that.


DAILY DOSE™ "Pop Chocolate" - "As Seen In O Magazine" 

The healing power of chocolate is found in the daily dose bar is the recommended minimum daily allowance of dark chocolate for health benefits. Health benefits include:

-Improves insulin sensitivity

-Rich in minerals and antioxidants

-Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease

-Raises HDL and prevents oxidation of LDL

-Lowers high blood pressure

Our dark chocolate is a proprietary blend made from exceptional raw materials including the cocoa bean that is directly sourced from the country of origin. This weekly box contains 7 individually packaged doses of 0.25 ozs- one for each day.


*By clicking "Subscribe and Save," you agree you are purchasing a continuous weekly subscription of Daily Dose Chocolate for $14.95/week and will receive weekly deliveries billed to your designated payment method. You can change the date of your next delivery, or cancel your subscription by contacting us and following the instructions we provide you in our response. For more information see our Terms of Use.

 *All orders received  will be shipped out the following Monday, one week from order placement.  ie.  orders placed on a saturday or sunday will ship one week from the following Monday and will continue to ship on Mondays there-after.

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